Mermaid at the façade of Santa Clara Ruins, Antigua Guatemala

I learned in the conference “Las sirenas de Antigua Guatemala y sus antecedentes históricos” by Dr. Miguel F. Torres, that these this was the second time colonial architect Diego de Porres used mermaids in a building. The first time was on the dome of La Escuela de Cristo parish. It is interesting to see how slowly he was getting bolder with the mermaids until he put four sirens at the main square fountain. By the way, these mermaids are kind of hidden as if you seat at Tanque de la Unión and look straight unto the façade or the building, it is difficult to find them unless you know the mermaid are there. By the way, this mermaid was captured during one of Hunting Mermaids in Antigua Guatemala photo walks.

Rudy Giron: Mermaids &emdash; Mermaid at the façade of Santa Clara Ruins

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