Typical Weekend Vista at Calle del Arco

La Calle del Arco is La Antigua Guatemala’s most popular strip any day of the week, but on weekends is even more so because the two three blocks from Iglesia de La Merced to the Parque Central are closed to vehicular traffic so pedestrians can walk freely. Also, benches and antique carts filled with flower pots are peppered through Calle del Arco, creating a festive atmosphere and great street photo opportunities. Not very often I share images of the Calle del Arco simply because the over abundance of photos of this strip. Today, however, I wanted to share this image captured during the last photo walk I lead of the rhythm of the comings and goings of people.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Typical Weekend Vista at Calle del Arco

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