Antigua Street Performer: The Miner

There are now several street performers in Antigua Guatemala. From the mime Tamagochy to the live Andean music band, which, by the way, plays mostly classic Latin American songs and covers of popular music with the distinctive Andean music style. There is also the recitals of live music by the Municipal band on Friday’s at 4pm on Palacio de los Capitanes. There are also the marimba players on Calle del Arco on the weekends and the Kaqchikel dad and sons playing traditional Mayan marimba music at different venues. Take a tour through music posts on the archives.

Here are taking a look at the miner taking a break from his performances, which is basically stand still, frozen, until someone drops a coin in his bucket as we saw on yesterday’s post.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Antigua Street Performer: The Miner

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