Rustic Door Knob from Antigua Guatemala

Rudy - Antigua Guatemala - Central America

We continue our focusing on rustic door knobs and knockers with this new version of the typical, simple and functional colonial style exterior door knob. This kind of door knob can be found almost everywhere in La Antigua Guatemala. The elements: metal, wood, rust, peeling paint, can be found in windows, furniture, and doorways around our enchanting colonial town.

Rust and ruins is the first of the month theme for the Daily Photo City community. Take a look at the rusty stuff around the planet, thanks to the CityDailyPhoto blogger portal!

Ephemerides Aside: On September 1, Guatemalans begin a month long celebrations of the Independence Day; the anniversary is actually on September 15. To this end, I share with you this version of the Guatemalan National Anthem. Enjoy!

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