Acts of Kindness: Feeding the Street Dogs

I believe the majority of real heroes are anonymous. The real heroes do their work out of conviction and love.

I spotted this lady and their bucket of food in one of my morning walks. She walked a short distance and then stop to feed a chucho, a street dog, she did several times until her bucket was empty. I asked her why and what she was feeding the chuchos. She simply said, it break my heart that nobody feeds them, so I collect the left overs at my house and feed a few dogs. Poor chuchos, it is not their fault, she continued.

What a wonderful way to show that if you really want a better world, just get out there and do what you can. If all of us did whatever little we can, we would certainly have a better world.

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Acts of Kindness: Feeding the Chuchos

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