Entrepreneurial‬ Meet Ups at Impact Hub Antigua‬

Entrepreneurial‬ Meet Ups at Impact Hub Antigua‬  image by Rudy Giron + http://photos.rudygiron.com

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to assist to the first entrepreneurial‬ meet up sponsored by Heuristica UFM at Impact Hub Antigua‬, the newest co-working space in Guatemala and first one in Antigua Guatemala. The event was a great opportunity to hook up with other like-minded individuals with entrepreneurial‬ projects. There was a speed-networking session to meet other people with interesting ideas or working projects.

Impact Hub Antigua co-working space is profiling itself as the place to meet up with entrepreneurs and venture capital angels. As always, I made some photographs to capture a record of this event. I am sure there will be many more interesting events in the near future.

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