Day of the Dead in Guatemala

You are not dead until you are forgotten!

As I have mentioned before, Guatemala’s real culture is syncretism and thus death plays an important role in traditions and culture. Guatemala is the real ‘melting pot’ and the final product is called mestizo. A mestizo is an individual that comes in many shades of brown and she is made up from a combination of AmerIndian, European, African, Asian and Arab. Syncretism and mestizism go together well and that is why there is no conflict with including some or many Mayan rituals, including death rituals, in a everyday Catholic or Christian service.

If you want to have colourful imagery of the cemeteries in Guatemala this week is as good as any, so head over to your nearest graveyard and click away!

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Day of the Dead in Guatemala

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