Police Raid at La Terraza

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Police Raid at La Terraza

Point 1: I guess the police want you to come and relax in Antigua Guatemala so long as you do it naturally; in other words, without enhancing herbs and drugs as part of the process.

Point 2: Last year this hostel denied lodging accommodations to GuatemalaDailyPhoto’s editor Eli Orozco on the grounds that he was Guatemalan and La Terraza, I was told by the night shift employees, do not host Guatemalans.

Point 3: In the public media spot light the señor Presidente declares he’s all for legalising marihuana, but on the streets, the his government obeys the government from up north, and sends large police raids to squash any instance of smoking of marihuana, even if it is on the terrace of a backpacker hostel.

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