Antigua Photo Walks: Portraits of Antigüeños

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Photographing the People of Antigua Guatemala during a Photo Walk

Another thing that I encourage during the street photography walks around Antigua Guatemala is to capture portraits of strangers, intimate portraits whenever possible, which means within 3-6 feet or 1 to 2 meters at the most. I also encourage to capture portraits of kinds of people not just the Maya people. This means portraits of all kinds of panzas verdes [green bellies] or antigüeños, visitors, foreign residents, old and young, male and female, et al. The street photography assignment calls for half of the portraits to be candid pictures and half asking for permission. Of course, before we go out to the streets, I share some tips to help photographers overcome their fears of photographing strangers.

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“A Fun, Approachable & Sublime Master of Photography!”

The experience with Rudy exceeded all expectations. It was not just a marathon photo lesson, not just a “walk in the park,” not just a photo shoot. It was spending time being a fly on the wall, watching a master do his thing — getting in people’s faces, taking risks, warming up subjects so they agree to photos, catching them by surprise and then getting them in the palm of your hand. Concentration was on people/portraits, then on street scenes, then on capturing the beauty of a door or edifice. Willingly, Rudy shared hints about how to compose a riveting photo of a fashionable woman about to walk past him. What is amazing about Rudy is the extent to which he is willing to share his knowledge and his secrets (i.e. techniques he has honed over many years of professional photography). What’s more, he is warm and personable, as well as highly approachable. Plus, he’s ready to answer any questions, to comment (if you ask) on photos you’ve taken, and to offer suggestions, if you wish. If only there were a Rudy Giron in each magnificent or fascinating city around the world!

—Susan, Chicago, Illinois

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