Guatemalan Food: Tostaditas

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Guatemalan Food: Tostaditas

Here’s your Guatemalan Spanish word of the day: Tostaditas or mini tostadas

It’s been a while since I publish a Guatemalan food dish. Let’s break the Guatemalan food hiatus with post about tostaditas or mini tostadas. I am many of you have seen or even tried Guatemalan tostadas, right? However, I am not sure if you have experienced tostaditas. Well, tostaditas are part of the finger food that is usually served at events, especial if they are catering Guatemalan snacks. Tostaditas are basically mini versions of the normal size tostadas, thus you can find tostaditas de frijol [beans], de guacamol [avocado sauce], de salsa [tomato sauce] and de carne [meat], as shown here.

Interview at The Guardian: Here’s a recent interview published at The Guardian where I had the opportunity to cast some light over one of the most popular dishes of the Guatemalan gastronomy: Real street food: Pepián from Guatemala. What do you guys think?

Real street food: Pepián from Guatemala, an interview by The Guardian

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