Lent Processional Figures Undergoing Repairs

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Holy Week Processional Figures

As every Sunday during Lent, Antigua Guatemala gets dress of purple, the color of penitence and the streets become crowded with cucuruchos waiting their turn at carrying the processional float, photographers trying to get yet one more picture of the religious figures and the new processional setups and people full of devotion and awe. For now, I will not add to the purple photographic flow of images coming out of Antigua Guatemala by the dozen, heck hundreds of photographer sharing their processional photographs of the Lent season.

Yesterday was the second Sunday of Lent, so it was the turn for the procession from Santa Inés, the village located at the entrance of Antigua Guatemala. At an earlier hour, before the traffic nightmares began, I captured this processional image undergoing repairs at the most expensive warehouse in Antigua Guatemala; of course, you know where that is located, right?

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