Jacaranda Trees at Parque Central, Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Jacaranda Trees at Parque Central, Antigua Guatemala

Okay, I am going to come clean. We have not been suffering through Winter. I know I have complained about the harsh cold temperatures, you know 10C/50F, that we have experienced this winter. Well, the one piece of information I left out is the fact that those cold temperatures only last for a couple hours in the early morning. After that it is temperate weather for most of the day. This picture of a jacaranda tree at parque central shows what it feels like in the mid morning in Antigua Guatemala.

That’s it, I feel so much better now that I have come clean with you guys.

By the way, as I have mentioned before, in Antigua Guatemala jacaranda trees start to blossom during winter month of February, which usually is the beginning of Lent. So a lot of people in Antigua Guatemala would say that jacaranda tree blossoms mark the beginning of Lent. To each its own.

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