Street Photography Walks in Antigua Guatemala

© Street Photography Walks in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

I really enjoy teaching street photography to timid photographers through the Antigua Photo Walks. Here’s a photographer who in the previous week had told me that he was uncomfortable photographing people, yet decided to take the street photography walk with me and now he was capturing fabulous pictures within five feet from the subjects. Some people mistakenly think of the photo walks as a tour, Antigua Photo Walks are not a tour, it is a photography workshop, yes we have a crash course at the beginning of the photo walk, and then we go out onto the streets to put in practice the specific concepts, tips and approaches we just learned.

If you are visiting Guatemala in the next few weeks before and around the world famous Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala, make sure you book you Antigua Photo Walk now as the calendar is filling up really quickly.

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