Arches R Us

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Arches R Us © Rudy Giron

Here’s a simple photograph of arches captured inside Ruinas de Santa Clara, Antigua Guatemala. Nearly 9 years ago I started sharing with you daily post of the images I encountered in and around Antigua Guatemala. Starting tomorrow, April 15, we will start a countdown toward the 9th year anniversary. Stay tune for the countdown as we will have plenty of surprises.

‪#‎Ixcanul‬ filmmaker Jayro Bustamante: «What makes us so particular in Guatemala is that we don’t have problems with discrimination against minorities. Our minorities are very well-off; our problems affect the majority. The majority in a country does not have color, language, surnames, and the codes to grow in a society. Mayans are found at the lowest point of this terrible scale, and the lowest among the Mayan population are women…»

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