-9 Days to 9th Anniversary: The Hat Vendor

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Hats For Sale, Antigua Guatemala © Rudy Giron

Here’s your Spanish word of the day: sombrero or hat.

I’ve reflecting upon the most recent scandals in Guatemala [do a quick search on Google News for Guatemala] and how the mass media always spotlights the negative things of Guatemala. Hardly ever do I read inspiring news from Guatemala. Of course, positive news are happening every day. What things should inspire us? Perhaps we should forget about the news altogether and look elsewhere such as daily life stuff that normally goes unnoticed. For instance, every time I hit the streets I encounter dozen of hard working Guatemalans making an honest living, or at least trying. We should be inspired by such vistas which are readily available to us on the streets, on the markets, on the fields, etcetera. I mean, in my particular corner, this AntiguaDailyPhoto, perhaps I have been sharing such images and stories with you all along without being conscious about it.

Other triumphs I like to share with you as much as possible are Guatemalans films because in a country such as ours, film making is among the hardest kind of activities one can imagine. Below you can watch the short film “¿Y si le hablamos?” [Guatemala 2014] by director David Ovando. Read the entire credits on the Youtube page for this video.

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