24 Frames of Film: Coffee Lovers

Rudy Giron: 24 frames of film May 2015 &emdash;

If you like coffee, Antigua Guatemala is the place to be. There are many good baristas and coffee shop around town. Here, for instance, we see all the different coffee presses and drips available at at coffee shop near La Bodegona. How many of these coffee makers are you familiar with?

This pictures is part of the theme entitled “Pase adelante” or “Come in” which is what vendors would say as you enter their business. I tried to capture on expired color film all kinds of business as seen from the doorway, more or less. About half the roll of film is from the typical business found in the villages around Antigua Guatemala while the rest of the roll was captured on the more affluent business of downtown La Antigua Guatemala.

PLEASE DONATE Some B&W Chromogenic film (C-41)
If you would like to donate a couple of rolls of B&W Chromogenic film (C-41); that’s black and white film that can be developed in color negative film labs, you can send them to my address below. You can follow the link to B&H photo store in NYC or buy it at a photo shop closer to you.

P.O. Box 139, El Correo
Antigua Guatemala, 03001
Guatemala, C.A.

You can send it via the regular snail-mail postal service. Or you can send it to my courier address in the U.S., but remember I have to pay every piece is shipped to me from Miami to Antigua Guatemala; just make sure you let me know and send me the tracking number so I can forward it to the courier.

6910 NW 46TH ST STE 435
DORAL, FL 33166-9101
United States

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