Traditional Guatemalan Ice Cream Carts Refuse to Disappear

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Traditional Guatemalan Ice Cream Carts

Even though modern ice cream carts are found all over Guatemala, these traditional ice cream carts are still quite present, especially around La Antigua Guatemala. So, what the scoop with these traditional carts? Usually the old-fashioned ice cream carts carry vanilla flavoured ice cream and they top it with acid-sweet syrup that ice cream vendors called salsa [sauce] or jarabe [syrup]. As I have explained before, these carts are made out of wood, with a few hands of oil-based paint, a cartoon drawing of the ever-present Disney characters. Inside there is a metal bucket which holds the ice cream, a ring of large ice pieces and a larger outer bucket that holds the hold thing. Don’t forget the ice cream cone holder, the purified water bottle and we are ready to hit the streets. Take a look a the pictures below which show the inside of a traditional ice cream cart.

Inside Look at a Guatemalan Ice Cream Cart 1

Close-up Look at a Guatemalan Ice Cream Cart

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