Street Photography Decisive Framing

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; The Decisive Framing

Here’s a sample of decisive framing as shown during a recent street photography walk around Antigua Guatemala. We set out to capture decisive and authentic moments with a group armed only with smartphone cameras. I was the only one carrying a “pro” camera, but I switched to using my iPhone for this photo walk to show the group that the concepts and tips I share can be use with any camera. When we stopped to learn how to frame pictures, I was able to capture this decisive moment by anticipating the picture; in other words, by visualising the image first and then making the picture when it appeared on my screen. This is the sort of exercise we do during the Antigua photo walks I lead around town.

If you are traveling to Antigua Guatemala or if you are a local resident who would like to focus on street photography? Do you want to learn the best places to photograph the sites and people of the city – or do you want to spend an entire day learning the tips, tricks, and secrets of a street photographer? If so, contact me or visit the Antigua Photo Walks website to book a public or private photo walk.

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