Meet La Bancada de la Plaza Mayor de La Antigua Guatemala

La Bancada de la Plaza Mayor de La Antigua Guatemala by Jaime Barrientos Montalvo

The Bancada, the bench people, of the main square is a group of men who get together everyday around a bench to discuss the problems of the community, the city and the country among other themes. The youngest man is 55 years old and the oldest 85. Nothing ever gets solved, but they attempt to at least improve the situations. The lady in the picture was invited to be our madrina, godmother, of the group, at least for the photograph.

Photo and texts by Jaime Barrientos Montalvo

Editor’s note: Next time you are in the main square of La Antigua Guatemala, stop by to say hello and to talk to the people of the bancada. I am sure they will welcome you into whatever discussion they are having. I publicly thank my colleague Jaime Barrientos for sharing this photograph and little bit about La Bancada.

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