Political Forecast for Guatemala: Almost Clear

Rudy Giron: HDR photos &emdash; Volcano Hunajpú, Antigua Guatemala

This morning Guatemala awoke without it’s president as Otto Pérez Molina, the former president, resigned before sunrise, to face the allegations of his involvement in the corrupt structure known as “La línea.” I will not go into details because I am sure this is old news the world over as Guatemala is now the trending topic.

What I will say though, it’s that Guatemalans are experiencing for the first time what a properly working democracy is supposed to look like. First time ever that Guatemalans see how the check and balances of the judicial, legislative, executive power should work.

This Sunday we vote and regardless of who ends up as new president or in congress or in the mayor’s seat, we know that when we say ¡Ya basta! we can even bring down a president and vice president. Let it be known!

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