Volcano Fuego’s Fumaroles, Pyroclastic Flows and Lava Rivers

Volcano Fuego's Fumaroles, Pyroclastic Flows and Lava Rivers

How can one sleep or stay in bed with so many growls and tremors cause by the activity of volcano Fuego? What to do? Simple, get up and grab your camera and make a few photographs of the fumarole and pyroclastic flows from the balcony to show what the eruptions look like during the day, right?

Furthermore, I also made two time-lapse videos so you can see how much activity Fuego is experiencing now. The time-lapse video clips are of one hour of eruptions of volcano Fuego compressed into 15 seconds each as observed on Monday, November 30, 2015. Recorded in San Pedro Las Huertas, Antigua Guatemala.

Technical data: 360 frames captured every ten seconds at HD quality. The videos are only 720p though because it will take a few hours to upload the HD videos.

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