Panoramic Vista of Fuego Volcano from Ciudad Vieja

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Panoramic Vista of Fuego Volcano from Ciudad Vieja

The camera is a master key! Below I will explain this statement… read on.

Sunday night Fuego volcano offered an uninterrupted show of eruptions, pyroclastic flows, and lava rivers as well as constant vibrations and roaring. By Monday morning the booms and vibrations have almost disappeared, but we still witnessed many eruptions and pyroclastic flows. Here I share with you a panoramic vista made from Ciudad Vieja.

The camera opens so many doors, even doors that you did not intent to open. This was the case with this picture. I was parked and ready to find a vantage point that included some colonial houses in the foreground to frame the eruptions of Fuego volcano, when a man approached me and asked if I was going to take pictures of Fuego. I said yes, of course. He then offer me access to his rooftop, about three stories high. Needless to say, here I went to a better vantage point, which now I share with you. Furthermore, I was offered the access to the rooftop any time I feel like taking pictures of the eruptions of Fuego volcano. Let’s see how true this offering is the moment I show up there at 3am with all kinds of camera gear and tripods. 😉

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