Street Portraits of Strangers in Antigua Guatemala

Street Portraits of Strangers in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

As I have said in previous years, the best way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to actually work everyday towards the same rights, education, salaries, opportunities, and respect for everyone, regardless of gender. March 8 should be a day to ponder how much we have advanced in the previous 364 days before, don’t you agree?

Today I share with you a street portrait of Mona and Daryl, a couple how are spending some time in Antigua Guatemala on their way down south the American continent.

This portrait was done after I had finished a street photography engagement session for a couple from New York who want to have unique and more authentic photographs to celebrate their engagement. It’s an interesting approach to say the least, instead of having posed images, well we did have a couple of posed pictures, most of the photo session was done using the techniques of street photography, for which I am very good, if I may say so myself.

I hope to do many more street photography sessions for couples and families as it’s a fresh new approach to document one’s travels. Stay tuned for some of these photographs when I share them later this week.

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