The Art of Street Portraits of Strangers

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Meet Katherine, A Honduran Artisan Living in Guatemala

If you would like to learn the art of photographing strangers, you should book a street photography photo walk through my page where I share my approaches to candid street photography to capture interesting natural images of strangers and street portraiture of strangers. I really enjoy seeing how photography enthusiasts dramatically transform from being shy to really overcoming their fears; thus making beautiful authentic slices of life and close-up portraits of strangers on the streets of Antigua Guatemala.

As I have mentioned before, I believe I have a fun and solid photography workshop/photo walk that produces consistent results for people taking the photo walks. There are over 110 top-rated reviews and recommendations on TripAdvisor to prove it. Let me share a recent review for a public group photo walk. Make sure you book a photo walk with me next time you visit Guatemala.

“Do Not Leave Antigua Before Doing This! ” — Mona, Antigua Guatemala

The morning began with coffee in the dining portion of Máximo Nivel surrounded by beautiful photos that we later found out had been taken by Rudy himself. We all introduced ourselves and got to know each other while we waited for the last group member. During this time Rudy gave us tips and tricks about photography, mini history lessons and latest on the local community. When the last person arrived, he started our “lesson” with PowerPoint presentations on some photography basics, street photography and tips for powerful portraits. After ensuring our devices of choice were set up for success, we were off into the streets of Antigua taking photos of strangers walking past beautifully weathered walls in nearly optimal lighting. Did I mention our walk took place during Semana Santa (Holy Week)??!? We had more subjects than we could handle. Between the locals donned in violet robes carrying floats, tourists gawking at said floats, the hundred vendors and candid children everywhere, we were all enthralled by the entire experience. If there was an upcoming opportunity that none of us saw, he made sure to alert us in time to get the shot. He was incredibly helpful the entire time especially when trying to get “close” (it’s in quotations because, apparently, close is relative). Though having an authentic Panza Verde with you as you get right up in someone’s face with your camera seems to get better results. (I tried it already… trust me). The two hours went by WAY too fast. I would recommend this to family, friends, neighbors, enemies, girls scouts, Marines, lovers, haters and everyone in between. It’s pretty damn legit.

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