How to capture better photographs of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Antigua Photo Walks — Learning to frame

First of all, go out with your camera during the golden hours of the morning and afternoon. The quality light of the golden hour will make for better images. Try to frame artistically your pictures as often as possible. Make sure your photos include a healthy amount of shadows and light and if you can a vanishing point. Try to show movement by either freezing the action or blurring it. Use the rules of direction, leading lines and golden triangles often enough. Don’t forget to include the human scale whenever capturing subjects that are huge or tiny. Take home as many photos as you can of the beautiful wall textures found in Antigua Guatemala.

Here we are learning different ways to frame, sub-frame and how use natural framing with a group of photography enthusiasts from Austria, Ireland, Japan, Rusia and the U.S. during a photographic composition walk at the Compañía de Jesús building.

If you want to learn more photo tips to capture stranger images, take a look at the Antigua Photo Walks.

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