Army Day Manifestations in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Day of the Army Manifestations

Día del Ejercito is a Guatemalan holiday observed on June 30. Even though the holiday actually commemorates the Liberal Revolution of 1871 which weakened and expelled many of the power of many religious orders in Guatemala, the actual name for the holiday leaves many unhappy as Guatemalans have had a horrible and bloody relationship with its army. Of course, just like some people are ready to hit the streets to protest the existence of the army and an army day holiday, as well as the impunity of the army’s past crimes, others are ready to defend them against all logic and reasoning.

Today, for instance, a group of concerned citizens placed some banners at City Hall, the Ayuntamiento building, protesting the use of soldiers on the streets as additional security forces and policing. Below you will find a couple video clips showing the small, yet loud, manifestation against the Día del Ejercito in Antigua Guatemala.

What are your thoughts regarding the use of soldiers to police the streets?

Follow the white rabbit to » learn the history behind Día del Ejercito.

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