Visiting and Photographing Secret Spots of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Visiting The Secret Spots of Antigua Guatemala

In the “Secrets of Antigua Guatemala” photo walks we often visit secret spots not often known by even locals. Of course, as with everything in Guatemala the time and day of the week makes a difference in what secret spots we get to visit.

During the photo walks in Antigua Guatemala we also learn to make great photographs with any kind of camera, from smartphone cameras, to point-and-shoots, to mirror-less, rangefinders or DSLR cameras while using a solid base of compositional rules and understanding of quality light.

Here’s a group of photography enthusiasts from Spain, Brazil, Russia and the U.S.A. applying the rules of leading lines and/or natural framing. Today, we visited a monastery and a couple of houses, including this one found in Calle del Arco.

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Visiting The Secret Spots of Antigua Guatemala with Rudy Giron

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