Look Up, There’s Art Up There

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Stucco Art At The Cathedral Ruins of Antigua Guatemala

Art should live free among us, in sitting rooms, cathedrals, palaces, town halls and cancer wards, in pubs and on gable ends. Instead, it has been forced to compete in lascivious chorus lines and wrestle in phoney competitions. No artist ever created a work to be consigned to orphanages for the vainglorious snobbery and pride of cultivated patrons and corporations, curators, critics and teachers, the art chained and led around for the amusement of civilised trainspotters. And the worst of them all is Tate Modern, the Westfield of art, with the most laughably self-congratulatory, finger-wagging hang in the whole of western civilisation —AA Gill

This quote from AA Gill was shared recently on a social media network and when I read it I internalised it. Soon enough as I am walking around the cathedral ruins of Antigua Guatemala during a photo walk, the first line of the text comes to mind. I will make sure to look up for art all around me as I walk through the ruins and streets of La Antigua Guatemala.

Where in Antigua Guatemala have you found the favourite art piece?

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