Enjoy The Coffee House Revolution in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Coffee Shop Revolution in Antigua Guatemala

If you like a good cup of coffee, there’s no better place to be than La Antigua Guatemala. Earlier this year I did an overview of some of my favourite coffee houses in Antigua Guatemala, covering a different barista-run coffee shop each day for about a week. With the coffee house revolution happening right now in Antigua Guatemala, a week was not enough to cover all of them. So far I have profiled the following coffee shops: Fat Cat, El Refugio, Café Unión, Bella Vista, Guatejava, Ganache, La Parada, Café Estudio, Espressarte, Fernando’s Kaffee, Barista, Tretto, Condesa, and La Casaca.

What’s your favourite coffee house in Antigua Guatemala?

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