Antigua Guatemala Town Talk: The French Reaction

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Street Style in Antigua Guatemala — The French

There was a really weird vibe in the air the day after the elections. The results were disappointing and infuriating for the majority of the foreign community living in Antigua Guatemala, regardless of the country of origin. Here’s an imaginary dialogue outside of Café Bohème inspired by the article from “Silicon Valley investors call for California to secede from the US after Trump win” from The Guardian. Enjoy a vista at the first world problems discussed in Antigua Guatemala.

Michel: Ça va? [how is it going?]
Emmanuelle: Ça va tres mal ! [things are so bad!]

Michel: Why?
Emmanuelle: Did you hear that France soon will not longer be the world’s sixth-largest economy?

Michel: Why not?
Emmanuelle: Well, because of the traumatic results of yesterday’s election, Californians are already calling for California to secede from the United States. They are calling the campaign for independence #Calexit. Can you believe it.

Michel: So what?
Emmanuelle: Well, California is the biggest economy in the US and the sixth largest in the world with a gross state product of $2.496tn for 2015, according to the IMF. If California becomes a nation, France will now be the seventh-largest economy.

Michel: Merde !
Emmanuelle: Ouais je sais.

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