Antigua Guatemala Town Talk: The English Reaction

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Antigua Guatemala Street Style at Londoner

We continue with our series of imaginary dialogues between foreigners living in Antigua Guatemala. Enjoy a vista at the first world problems discussed in Antigua Guatemala. I guess the competition between the UK and US knows no limit!

Elizabeth: Hi Robbie, why are you looking so down in the dumps?
Robbie Knox: I think I’m going to need a pint of bitter before I can tell you.

Elizabeth: Righto, let’s go to the Londoner.
Robbie Knox: Sure, just let me finish my fag.

Elizabeth: Take your time.
Robbie Knox: I’m telling you, I need something to relax me.

Elizabeth: You do seem a bit tense.
Robbie Knox: Right, have you heard the latest?

Elizabeth: No, I’ve been offline since Monday.
Robbie Knox: Typical America. We do Brexit and they have to go bigger!

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