Holy Week Vistas — Photobombing a Grandmother during the Holy Week

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; A Holy Week Atypical Vista

Here’s the short story, this grandmother poses on the other side of a procesional carpet, or alfombra in Spanish. A relative is taking a couple of snapshots. The photo walk group I am leading and I decide to also make some portraits of her. A cucurucho decides to photo bomb as he walks toward the grandmother. I yelled: Everyone get in the picture, and before the grandmother knew it she had four cucuruchos and a dolorosa hugging her. Everybody is having a great time and cooperating with making feel-good images. A few shots later everyone breaks apart and wishes the other a good afternoon.

This is the kind of images we make and experiences we have during the special Holy Week photo walks. If you are already here or will be in Antigua Guatemala this week, come and join me for a very special Holy Week photo walk. You can make your reservation at www.AntiguaPhotoWalks.com or contact me.

As a bonus I share with you a time-lapsed video of the Palm Sunday, Domingo de Ramos, as it passes by Tanque de la Unión. Believe it or not, there’s an order to this chaos of thousands pilgrims carrying the processional floats, marching bands, photographers, vendors and spectators.

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