Where to get artisan breads in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Canela bakery in Antigua Guatemala color

If you’re looking for artisan breads there are three options in Antigua Guatemala as of now. There are two stands inside La Bodegona. Felix and Ana also make delicious bread sourdough and rye bread at their restaurant inside Caoba Farms. The most recent option is Canela bakery run by David, a panadero with lots of experience with the art and magic of turning fermented doughs into delicious baked goods. I have had the opportunity to try the delicious sourdough breads, rye loaves and brownies cakes from Canela bakery; they were fabulous.

Now all I need is a good pastrami or corn beef and pickles to be able to make pastrami sandwiches at home. Who can help us with the corn bee or the pastrami in Antigua Guatemala?

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