Night Photography Tours in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Night Photography Walks in Antigua Guatemala

Starting next week, Antigua Photo Walks will be offering night photography walks. Explore the city of Antigua Guatemala after dark. Master long exposure photography and capture some truly remarkable views over the city by booking a Night Photography Walk at

Each photo walk is crafted to the skills and needs of the participants. Apart from taking photos of ruins, fountains, monuments, churches and streets, you can also expect to learn:

  • Night photography techniques
  • Light painting basics
  • Long exposure tips and tricks
  • Long exposure light streaking – cars, tuk tuks.
  • Night portraiture – getting the most out of your flash
  • Reviewing your photography

Recommended equipment: Tripod [provided if you don’t have on hand], remote shutter release cable or wireless trigger, wide-angle lens prime or zoom, lamp or torch to do light-painting, and a flash speed light for portraiture.

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