Protecting Mayan Textiles with Copyrights

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Maya woman making wristbands at the park

Last week, Guatemala’s Constitutional Court sided with the Guatemalan weavers and their copyrights to intellectual property of their weavings. Now congress will have to make news laws to protect their intellectual property even further. But even, now, the courts are siding with the weavers. Follow the the Twitter account @TejedorasGuate to keep an eye on the developing news.

This is going to be really interesting for the hundreds of shops that exists now online.

And now this, the Ethical Fashion Guatemala group has just began “perhaps the largest series of copyright and trademark protection filings in history for the artisans,” Dillon says, in order to give legal weight to their efforts. Read the entire article through this link.

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