Photos and Time-lapsed Video of the Huge Eruptions of Volcán de Fuego

Rudy Giron: Antigua Guatemala &emdash; Volcán de Fuego Eruption on Feb 1st, 2018

All night long we can hear and feel the continuous eruption of Volcán de Fuego but it’s at sunrise the first time we can see the 5km high fumaroles. The windows and doors rattled all night long and through the day.

It is after taking the picture below that I predicted that the day was going to be a great day to capture the huge eruption of Volcán de Fuego and sure enough Facebook was quickly filled amazing images of the eruptions happening through the day.

First Huge Eruptions of Volcán de Fuego in 2018

I knew the Antigua Skycam installed at my rooftop was going to captured time-lapsed video of all the daylight eruptions. Check it out!

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