Chronicle of the largest eruption of Fuego volcano in four decades

Typical eruptions of Volcán de Fuego early in the morning of Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday morning, June 3, 2018, began like many mornings with clear skies and Volcán de Fuego showing off with towering fumaroles that reach the clouds. All through the night we can hear Fuego growling, but only until the morning we get a chance to see its magnificent eruptions, similar to the many eruptions we have documented through the years.

Volcán de Fuego eruptions raised the level of intensity after noon and in Antigua Guatemala we experience a rain of volcanic sand and ash. La Reunión Golf Resort was the best and most expensive golf course in Central America, some claimed; fortunately they were evacuated around 1pm, 3 hours before the huge eruption that caused all these damages. The other communities of lesser affluence were not so fortunate.

We’re not affected in Antigua Guatemala or its villages, except for some volcanic ash. There were lots of volcanic ash and sand cleaning and removal today. The real damage was in the communities surrounding the Fuego volcano.

This week everyone is pulling together for them. There are food, clothes, blankets and medicine collections being organized by municipalities, churches and other organizations. There are volunteers helping in every aspect. Today Guatemalans show their compassionate and supportive side.

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