Learn to photograph strangers in Guatemala

Learn to photograph strangers in Guatemala with Rudy Giron of Antigua Photo Walks

As I have said before, I really enjoy sharing my approach to photographing strangers and seeing how other apprehensive photographers dramatically transform from being shy to really conquering their fears and making beautiful portraits of strangers and candid authentic slices of life in a single session of an Antigua Photo Walks.

I believe I have a fun and solid photography workshop/photo walk that produces consistent results for people. There are over 237 top-rated reviews and recommendations on TripAdvisor to prove it. Let me share a recent review for a photo walk. Make sure you book a photo walk with me next time you visit Guatemala.

“We Improved Our Photos”

We were going to be in Antigua for five hours (actually four but that’s another story) so I wanted to find something to do for part of that time. I found out about Rudy’s Photo Walks from TA and thought that would be a splendid thing to do, to improve my photography skills, learn more about Guatemala and its people. My girlfriend though was not thrilled by the idea but eventually I convinced her. I made arrangements for a two-person, two-hour private session with Rudy, communicating by email. We were instructed to meet him at a coffee shop across the central park. When we arrived, Rudy was waiting for us. After buying coffee, we sat down with him at a table. He was prepared with an iPad to show us examples of his photography that demonstrated what he wanted us to learn today. His examples included, lighting, framing the shot and capturing people to provide interest and scale. He also told us to be on the lookout for saints, mermaids and lions incorporated into the architecture. We began our walk by going to the second floor portico that looked over the park and provide views of the church. We also visited the central courtyards of some beautiful hotels. In one of these were two Mayan women weaving colorful cloth. I used them as photo subjects and tipped them for doing this. When I inquired about a plastic bag on top of her yarns, she opened it and offered me a warm corn tortilla that was delicious. After finding the mermaids, viewing the volcanoes, photographing motorcycles thru arches, we ended our tour. We were very satisfied with our results and our photos of Antigua were the best of our trip. Rudy even helped us after our tour to find the best Enchiladas de Guatemala.

—John, Oxnard, California

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