Iglesia El Calvario in Antigua Guatemala

Iglesia El Calvario in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

I always recommend to carry a camera with you at all times because you never know when a photo will manifest itself in front of you or the light quality would be just right to enhance a building or a person you have been meaning to photograph. Such was the case for today’s picture of El Calvario church in a late afternoon as the light turned golden.

By the way, Iglesia El Calvarioa is located in the southend limit of the city of Antigua Guatemala, at the end of the tree-lined street known as Alameda del Calvario. Interesting enough, many visitors never venture this far south even though is only a 15-min walk from the Parque Central.

Do you know the meaning of the three arches found at the entrance of Iglesia El Calvario?

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