Full Moon Over The Candelaria Ruins


Last week I came across a shot of the full moon above the ruins of Candelaria taken with a cellphone camera where the moon was just another lightbulb in the frame. Of course I was immediately intrigued about the possibility of making a double exposure to make sure both the moon and ruins were correctly exposed.

So the following evening I went out with a tripod and 40-150mm lens attached to the Olympus OM-D EM-1, and the SkyView app on my iPhone. With the app I was able to see the path of the moon before its rise. The 40-150mm is equivalent to an 80-300mm on a full frame sensor. The tripod was used for a 5-second long exposure of the ruins at 40mm. The Moon was captured with the 150mm telephoto end at 1/2000 of second. Both exposures at f8 used a sunny white balance since the Moon is only reflecting the light from the Sun.

Finally, I transferred the two exposures from the camera to the iPhone and put them together using only Snapseed.

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