Most of Antigua Guatemala Will Be Pedestrian for 3 Days

Military Police patrols the streets of Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Giron

As part of the XXVI Cumbre Iberoamericana, 26th Ibero American Summit of Heads of States and Government, Antigua Guatemala will be in virtual lock down mode from November 14 through the 16th for vehicular traffic and parking. As shown in the map below, no vehicles will allowed to drive through the area marked in red. Furthermore, no parking will be allowed in said area. Public transportation will have to use alternative routes for the next three days.

Of course, this is going to be a nightmare for traffic and parking in and around Antigua Guatemala. But as always, the bad will also brings some good. For the first time since colonial times, Antigua Guatemala will be mostly pedestrian. This means we will have an unparalleled opportunity to photograph its streets without vehicles.

The virtual lock down started unofficially on Monday with the arrival of all kinds of police, including Military Police, MP, Policía Militar in Spanish, as well as army personnel including the Kaibiles.

I will shoot as many photographs as possible within the next three days to share with you an Antigua Guatemala sans automobiles. Stay tuned!

map of antigua guatemala lock down

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