Antigua Guatemala’s Façade Decorated with Flowers

Bakery and Restaurant San Martin's Façade Decorated with Flowers BY RUDY GIRON

Here’s your illustrated Spanish word of the day: Fachada for façade.

The flower decoration of façades in Antigua Guatemala was one of the most photogenic parts of the 2nd Flower of Festival this past weekend. Because I was leading photo walks since Wednesday, I didn’t get a chance to make photos in the early mornings, my prefer shooting time. However, as I lead the photo walks I noticed most people were taking photos at mid-morning and noon. I figured I can share a new perspective by casting a different light and photographing at night. Also, because there were so many people walking around I used long exposures to vanish most people in the frame. This photo was an 8-second exposure.

In my humble opinion, the bakery and restaurant San Martín had one of the most elaborate flower and bread façade decorations. The Flower Festival judges agreed as well as they awarded this façade 2nd place in the Concurso de Fachadas.

Stay tuned this week for more upcoming night photographs of flower-decorated façades from Antigua Guatemala!

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