Photo Tip for Better Images of Antigua Guatemala

Façade of Iglesia del Calvario in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Follow this simple recipe to make better photographs of Antigua Guatemala and elsewhere:

  1. Quality light, 50%. Think golden and blue hour.
  2. Strong photographic composition, 25%
  3. An interesting subject, 25%

That’s it! Make sure you combine these three ingredients to raise your photography level.

Not only we visit interesting spots in Antigua Guatemala, at every spot we learn different photography skills. Here for instance, we covered exposure, exposure compensation and when and how to overexpose or underexpose, as well as how to make images that feel three dimensional.

If you like taking pictures, Antigua Guatemala will be paradise for you, with so many photographic opportunities no matter in which direction you point your camera. The subjects can be anything you like, such as people, food, flora, colors, textiles, etc., The colonial architecture found in Antigua Guatemala is a big hit with everyone.

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