Super Blood Wolf Moon over Los Remedios Ruins in Antigua Guatemala

Super Blood Wolf Moon over  Los Remedios Ruins in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

This Sunday night, January 20th, we had the chance to see a Super Blood Wolf Moon and a Lunar Eclipse on the Western hemisphere. The actual lunar eclipse happened after 10:0pm. We were not lucky in Antigua Guatemala since all afternoon and night the sky was filled with clouds.

At a break in the clouds I was fortunate to be able to capture the Super Blood Wolf Moon over the ruins of the former Parroquia de Los Remedios, at the start of Alameda El Calvario.

I used the same technique of double exposure that I shared with you back in October for the Full Moon of The Candelaria Ruins. Basically, I make a first long exposure of the ruins with the wide angle end of zoom lens and then over impose a second exposure of the Moon taken with the telephoto end of the same zoom lens. This is why the Moon looks much bigger than if shot along with the ruins with the wide angle lens.

I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts!

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