Ruinas of Santa Isabel, Antigua Guatemala


I have shared with you three different images of the Ruins of Santa Isabel since 2007. That’s over 12 years of coverage where you can see that even the ruins do change with time, or at least the atrium or squares in front of them. For instance, back in 2007, the little square in front of the ruins was a dirt field with grass growing everywhere. The next visit was in 2015 where you can see the newly built plaza. The most recent photograph I shared with you of Ruinas de Santa Isabel, was in January 2019 as part of my series of the Moon rising over the ruins taken at night.

Make sure to click through links [years] to see the Ruinas de la Ermita de Santa Isabel over the decade and let us know which one you like best.

By the way, this ruins are located in the Village of Santa Isabel; one of the 22 villages that are part of La Antigua Guatemala Municipality.

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