Antigua Guatemala Signs: Coat of Arms of Santiago de Guatemala


The town of Antigua Guatemala was founded as Santiago de Guatemala on July 25, 1524. The location of Antigua Guatemala was third official setting for the city of Santiago de Guatemala which was the metropolis and capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala for 231 years, which spanned from south of Mexico all the way to present day Costa Rica. The name of Antigua Guatemala was first used when the city moved to present day Guatemala City in 1774; so this town has been called Santiago de Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala for about the same number of years.

This rustic sign of the Escudo de Santiago, emblem of the city of Saint James of Guatemala, with its three volcanoes is the official Coat of Arms for the cities of Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City.

Follow the white rabbit to see the oldest representation of the Escudo de Santiago or the Coat of Arms of Saint James of Guatemala and to learn where it is located. Enjoy!

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