Live Vistas of Volcanoes Skyline via The Antigua SkyCam Weather Station


The Antigua SkyCam Weather Station was launched in January 2017 through the collaboration of and The Antigua SkyCam Weather Station broadcasts real-time weather information 24/7 and pictures of the volcanoes skyline every 5 minutes through the daylight hours. Also, at the end of the day, you can watch a 20-sec time-lapsed video of every picture taken though the day.

Since it’s launching, The Antigua SkyCam Weather Station has acquired an additional module that provides wind speed and direction, rain rate and accumulation as well as ultraviolet rays exposure.

Okay, so how do you access and watch the Antigua Skycam? On the web, point your browser to Antigua Skycam or you can also download the Bloomsky App for iOS or Android and favorite the Antigua Skycam so you can see the latest picture or watch the time-lapsed video of the day and wish you were here!

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