Decorations for Día de la Santa Cruz


Under normal circumstances, today the Catholic world will be celebrating the Day of the Holy Cross or Día de La Santa Cruz as we know it in Antigua Guatemala. Today, only decorations will be found over all the crosses in Antigua Guatemala.

Today is also the Day of the Construction Worker. I take my hat off for the construction workers of the world.

Here is a fragment of text explaining this celebration:

The legend has it that when they were unburying Jerusalem, they found three crosses, one of them larger than the other two. When some of the diggers touch the larger cross, their ailments healed and the cross were thought to be miraculous. The priests on site called a funeral passing by and the dead man’s hand was made to touch the cross and he resurrected and walked away. The cross was taken immediately to Rome, the Vatican to be precise, and a chapel was built for it. This chapel was built in record time and for this reason and for the fact that the man who resurrected was a construction worker who had died while at work a few days earlier, this date became the day of the construction worker. All of this as seen on tv, a few details more or less.

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