Sights of Our Times — Doing Errands


Back in May 2006 I set out to share with y’all images of daily life from Antigua Guatemala and its surroundings even though most website focused on the city were touristic sites. Of course, the photographs were much different than what was available online at time or even today. 14 years later, I am still sharing daily life imagery, peppered with some pretty pictures of this charming town, of course.

Since the main goal has always been to share authentic daily images from Antigua Guatemala and its surrounding, I started the Pandemic Photo Project almost at the beginning of the arrival of Covid-19 to Guatemala to document this historic and atypical new reality.

Today is the 100th day since the country was closed down and we began to comply with the quarantines, lockdowns and curfews regulations implemented by the national government. Although I have shared some photographs of the architectonic details and the vibrant flora since mid-March, I have pointed my camera to document the new normality we are living in this pandemic-interrupted world. Take a tour through the Pandemic Photo Project to see authentic daily life vistas of the new verisimilitude.

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