Win a Beautiful Metallic Print of Full Moonrise Over Ruinas de Candelaria


I will be sending a gorgeous 11″x14″ metallic print of Full Moonrise over Ruinas de Candelaria, valued at $60, to one winner chosen at random among those who participate by supporting with a tiny donation, of $5 or more, the work put forward over 14 years of sharing authentic and alluring daily life photographs and stories from Antigua Guatemala. Next Sunday I will select a lucky winner from the pool of all the participants who pitched in to support the effort of keeping Antigua Daily Photo alive and kicking even during this pandemic.

I am looking forward to sending a stunning metallic print to your home or office of this haunting image. If you’re interested in getting prints of other photographs, take a look at my wall art gallery.

© 2020, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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